“Paperless” Graphic Data Recorder PLR-8000

Panel Graphic Recorder from 8 up to 256 channels

Are you tired of changing paper, pens and inks of your graphic recorders?

The PLR-8000 recorder allows to graph in real time from 8 up to 256 analog variables and from 8 up to 256 logic data, saving the data in its memory, giving alarms and presentation of graphics through its 999 virtual recorders on 15” TFT touch screen. In option, communication through radio or Ethernet by cable or WiFi networks is possible through a “gateway” module communication RMT, EMT, or WMT-1000.

Control Multiple of Chemical Variables FMC-5000/VQ

Controllers for pH, ORP, EC, O2, CL, OZ, Turb. and ISE

It is no longer necessary to mount a transmitter for each pH, O2, etc. sensors!

The series FMC -5000 /VQ are field mounting 2 or 3 chemical variables, with relationship capabillity betwen each. They have direct input for chemical sensors and they give the control signal in the field, at the same time, they transmit the data by RS-485 Modbus. In option, communication by Radio or Ethernet networks, cable or WiFi mode, is possible through “gateway” adapters RMT, EMT or WMT-1000.

Field Distributed Controller FMC-4000

Programmable Field Control modules Have you ever wondered whether...

Avoiding wires between field sensors and control room!!!

The field mounting FMC devices, allows to read the signals and perform the control function directly in the field transmitting data by RS-485 Modbus saving the wiring cost. The programmed functions in the modules are executed independently by each one of them, and exchanging data through the FMC-1000/LM module with Linker function operating as communication master of the field bus.

Fully PVDF Pressure Transmitter TPR-21

Industrial Pressure Transmitter for special applications

New Pressure Transmitter fully PVDF built-in to work in aggressive high media.

The enclosure is IP65 protection and the process connection is 1/2" G. The ceramic thick film sensor provides high accuracy of 0.5% FSO in ranges from 0…0.1 Bar up to 0...400 Bar, and 4-20mA output signal 2-wire by DIN connector. It is fully recommended for pressure measurement in very aggressive media or for applications where the sensor fill fluid is not allowed (i.e. Oxygen)