WDT-4000/… and EDT-4000/… are devices with WiFi or ETHERNET interface for acquisition and transmission of measures or analog signals by Local Area Network (LAN).

The WDT-4000 allows to take and to transmit up to two signals by WiFi through an access point WiFi towards a Local Area Network.

The EDT-4000 has the same features but with connection by cable to be connected to a Ethernet Switch by means of connector RJ-45.

These devices are appropriate to communicate temperature probes, any type of process signals or field transmitters, etc., with PC or PLC systems or controllers used in industrial processes, also connected to a LAN.

Transmitters of Temperature and Infrared Temperature

In order to measure and to transmit temperature signals, we have several versions:
• Generic version for 2 Pt100 or 1 T/C + CJC
• Generic version for 1 or 2 transmitters 0..4-20 mA
• Specific version for Infrared Temperature

Transmitters of Electrical Variables

• Specific version for Electrical Variables V, To, ac/dc, RMS, Ohm, etc.

Select the documents (*.pdf) by choosing the relation-key between the Type of Product and its literature:

Literature/Product Color Brochure Data Sheet Techn. Literature Application References Brief News Instruc. Sheet User Manual
Ethernet RJ-45 or WiFi Generic Transmitters
Ref. EDT-4000/.. and WDT-4000/..
Ethernet RJ-45 or WiFi Transmitters for Infrared Temp.
Ref. EDT-.. WDT-4000/IRT
Ethernet RJ-45 or WiFi Transmitters for Volts-Amps-RMS
Ref. EDT-.. WDT-4000/VE

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