DESIN Instruments manufactures Thermocouples and RTDs since 1950.
Until today we have manufactured more than 450.000 units of different types.
We export to 21 countries-suppling products with very high standard of quality, to comply with their specifications.
We are homologated by TÜV certifier entity specialized in the quality insurance acc. ISO-9001 standards.
· J, K, T, N, E, R, S, B T/C acc. IEC-584-2 or ANSI 96.1
· Special Thermocuoples W-Re, Ni-Mo, etc.
· RTD Pt 100, acc. IEC-751 (DIN-43760 A or B Class)
· Thermowells, sheats and refractory protections
· Compensation or extension wire and cable
· Ex-Proof acc/Cenelec or FM special assemblies
· 4-20 mA 2-wire transmitters in head mounting assemblies
· Special HART, Profibus or Fieldbus Found. transmitters
· Calibration certificates acc./standars and ISO-9000.

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