RS-485 / USB SERIAL MODEM TO RADIO 868 MHz (915 MHz USA) RMT-1000 and RAC-1000
The Radiomodem - RS-485 interfaces are devices destined to the communication of instrumentation provided with bus series through radio links by the free band of 868 MHz. Appropriate to be used in industrial control processes, data supervision and any situation that they require to transmit data without installing communication cables. Ours radiomodem RMT-1000, in IP65 enclosure for assembly in exteriors, and RAC-1000 in box for Rail DIN, makes possible to connect two different RS-485 or USB or RS-232 networks trough long distances by means radio link, that based on the selected power, of the type of antenna and the orography of the land can reach from some hundreds of meters to tens of km. The applications of these equipment are to communicate PLC, PCs, Controller, Transmitters, etc with serial ports, HMI systems, Bar code scanners, and any Instruments with serial communication used in industrial processes.
These radiomodems are supplied in different formats and functions totally finished and ready to use:
• Radiomodem for RS-485 in IP65 enclosure  RMT-1000
• Radiomodem for RS-485 in rail DIN enclosure  RAC-1000
• Repeater transmitter in IP65 enclosure  RMT-1000/RP
• Selectable emitting power 100 mW (as standard) for built-in local antenna and 500 mW for separated antennas to outside mounting
• Anticrossing data function when several networks are working in the same area
• External SMA connector to use separated antennas
• 85..265 Vac mains power supply

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Radio Modem 868 MHz in IP65
Ref. RMT-1000
Radio Modem Rail DIN
Ref. RAC-1000

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