PROGRAMMABLE INDICATORS LS-3200 LS-3220 LS-3600 MS-5200 DS-4200 HS 7200
New Programmable Indicator Series incorporating advanced state-of-the-art PAC technology with Function Blocks programming. Provides integrator, arithmetic, three alarms, timers, analog output, hold and logic functions. Fully configurables by Loop-Win tool in PC through RS-485 Modbus communication as standard.
PAC Technology (Programmable Analog Control)
32 Preprogrammed Function Blocks
Fully programmable by Loop-Win software tool for PC
Thermocouple, Pt 100 and special sensor input
Up to 4 programmable alarm blocks
Configurable insulated analog output
Opcional inputs Vac/dc, Iac/dc, RMS, Ohms, Hz
Logic and Arithmetic functions
Includes transmitter power supply as standard
RS-485 Modbus Communication as standard.

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Literature/Product Color Brochure Data Sheet Techn. Literature Application References Brief News Instruc. Sheet User Manual
One-Loop Programmable Indicators (no keyboard)
Ref. LS-3220
One-Loop 3 Alarms Programmable Indicators
Ref. LS-3200
Large Size Display 3-Alarms Programmable Indicators
Ref. LS-3600
Specific Applications Series 5-digit Display Indicators
Ref. MS-5200
5-digit Display Open Programming Multivariable Indicator
Ref. HS-7200
Supervision and Control Software
Supervision and Configuration Software Ethernet LAN
Training Kit
Hi-Range Two-Loops Programmable Indicators
Ref. DS-4200

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