Whole range of Industrial Sensors for chemical process measuring, on Chemical Industries, Food Processing, Pharmaceutical, Water Treatment and Waste Water.

- Combined Electrodes for pH and Redox
- Industrial Electrodes for pH and Redox
- Sterilizable Sensors for pH, Redox or Dissolved Oxygen
- Conductivity Probes:
--- Two-poles to low and medium ranges
--- Inductives to high ranges
- Dissolved Oxygen Probes
- Chlorine and Ozone Probes
- Turbidity Probes
- Ion Selective Sensors

Select the documents (*.pdf) by choosing the relation-key between the Type of Product and its literature:

Literature/Product Color Brochure Data Sheet Techn. Literature Application References Brief News Instruc. Sheet User Manual
Low and Medium Conductivity Probes Ref. ECS-...          
High Conductivity Probes
Ref. ECT-...
Dissolved Oxygen Threaded Probes Ref. DO2-..        
Dissolved Oxygen Submergible Probes Ref. TO2-..          
Laboratory pH and ORP Electrodes
Ref. EPH-100
Free Chlorine Probes
Ref. TCL-...
Ozone Probes
Ref. SOZ-...
Turbidity Submergible Probes Ref. SWN-7000...          
Industrial pH-ORP Electrodes
Ref. EPH-M-...
Sterilizable pH Electrodes
Ref. EPH-135
Ion Selective Electrodes
Ref. ESI-...

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