Data storage on Hard-drive and data export by Modbus communication

Forget about paper and ink…

The PLR-8000 Series are configurable “paperless” chart recorders for panel mounting, presenting in real time from 8 channels (expendable to 256 channels) of analog variables and 8 channels (expendable to 256 channels) of logic signals. The system consists of a touch screen for panel mounting and one or more independent data acquisition modules for DIN Rail Mounting locally or remotely, communicating via RS-485 Modbus thus providing flexibility on the design, mounting and saving on wiring costs.

• Backlighted TFT 15” Touch Screen
• Records trends and logic status
• Recording screens from 1 up to 6 channels each
• Up to 999 different recording screens
• Presentation of several recorders at the same time
• Trend recording in real time
• Recording speed from 1 to 900 div/H
• Data acquisition by independent modules
• Configurable inputs Pt100, TC, mV, mA
• Logic inputs (Vdc) for events recording
• Alarms configurable from the screen
• Data storage on built-in HD
• Managing and presentation of Historic files
• Data Export to Excel , DBase , etc.
• RS-485 Modbus RTU Communication
• Based on Proasis DCS-Win software

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