A multi-loop Control Device of 6 PID loops and Chart Recorder (paperless), to replace the classic control and mechanical record devices available in food industry , textile, etc.
The controller is presented in a SS IP65 enclosure with a 15" touch screen facilitating the access to the control parameters (Setpoint, PID, Alarms, etc.) and other functions. All data are stored allowing up to 10 years of data storing. These devices are suitable to Control and Record of several process, even when are separated from each other, allowing daily or weekly control and recording at the same time.

Operating servos
Control of servovalves
Variable Speed drives
Motorized valves
Power Controllers SSR
Electrovalves, relays, etc.
6 (up to 32) Configurable inputs Pt100 and 4-20 mA
6 (up to 32) recording trends
6 (up to 32) PID Control loops, Autotuning and Fuzzy Logic
4/20 mA output or 3-15 PSI (acc./model)
12 (64) Alarm outputs by relay 1A, 250V
Easy to use from the touchscreen
Storing recording data for more than one year
Lower cost than mechanical devices
Saving in paper or ink maintenance costs
Record direct download to printer
RS-485 MODBUS or ETHERNET communication
IP65 Stainless Steel enclosure

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Multi-Loop PID Controller with Graphic Chart
Ref. PRC-2500

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