AC-1000 and AC-1000/LMUSB-485

The AC-1000 are communication adapters with galvanic insulation and raνl DIN enclosure, designed to changes the RS-232 communication signals to the correct electrical levels required by RS-485. The AC-1000/LM version are a new concept of communication adapters for make easy to the processes engineer to design distributed acquisition and control system networks. This version .../LMacting as Modbus Communication Master allows data exchanges among instruments of PAC control type in field and at horizontal level with no-needing PC or PLC control.

• 1 RS-232 port for connect to PC
• 1 RS-485 port for connect to field of bus
• 1 RS-485 port for bus repeater
• LINKER with 40 progamming steps (version ../LM)

The USB-485 adapter is destined to the conversion of USB 1.1 and USB 2.0 standard ports with RS-485 interface devices in process control systems. This adapter does not interfere into the structure of data transmission and is compatible with many industrial protocols

• Aerial RS-485 a USB compatible con USB 1.1 y USB 2.0
• Supports MODBUS RTU protocols etc.
• No interfeence into structure of data
• Baud-rate up to 115,2 kbps
• USB type B (USB cable included) and terminals for RS-485
• Self-powered from PC
• Installation software included

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Literature/Product Color Brochure Data Sheet Techn. Literature Application References Brief News Instruc. Sheet User Manual
Communication Adapters RS-485 to RS-232/RS-485
Ref. AC-1000
Communication IP65 Adapters RS-485 to RS-232/RS-485
Ref. FMC-1000/LM
Communication Adapters RS-485 to USB
Ref. AC-250

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