FMC-2000/..VQ FMC-4000/..VQ FMC-5000/..VQ
In measuring pH and other chemical variables it si common to transmit the signal given by the electrtode in the field to the controller. The FMC-...VQ Series allows to measure up to 3 sensors (depending on version) and realizing the control action in the field, thus, avoiding possible errors in the reading and signal transmission, and at the same time, are monitored from PC thanks to its RS-485 Modbus communication protocol.
• Direct input for chemical sensors
• Control and transmission operations in the field
• IP65 enclosure, saving additional installation cost in the field
• Including PID control Autotuning and Fuzzy Logic
• Programmable Buffers for easy calibration
• Backligthed Keypad falicitating its use
• LED Display saving maintenance costs
• MODBUS digital communication
• Including Proasis DCS-Win supervisory software
• Excellent rate price / performances

Series of Controllers VQ (Chemical Variables)
  Basic Controller for 1 sensor without ATC
• Direct input for the electrode
• Manual  Temperature Compensation
• Automatic Compensation by entry of temperature by means RS-485
• 1 Analog output 4-20 mA for signal transmission or control
• 2 Relay ouputs for control or limit
FMC-4000/..  Chemical controller for 1 sensor VQ + ATC
• 2 Inputs for 1 electrode and ATC by Pt100
• Automatic Temperature Compensation ATC
• 2 Analog outputs 4-20 mA for signal transmission or control
• 2 Relay ouputs for control or limit
• Electrode "cleaning" output with reading hold (in option)
FMC-5000/..  Combinable controllers for 3 diferent sensors (2 sensors + 1 Pt100)
• 3 Inputs for 2 electrodes and ATC by Pt100 (or 3 sensors)
• One ATC compensates the other two inputs 
• 2 Analog outputs 4-20 mA for signal transmission or control
• 3 Relay ouputs for control or limit
• Electrode "cleaning" output with reading hold 
• Supervising the electrode use life
• Electrode Self-check function  
This model can be delivered in three versions (sensor type in VQ):
FMC-5000/VQ/VQ/VQ Multivariable control up to 3 sensors
• The 3 inputs can be any type sensor, allowing operate several independents control-loops in an alone instrument.
FMC-5000/DF..VQ Differential control between 2 sensors
• The 2 inputs must be the same sensors type (incorporates self-balance key). These sensors are comparates in the FMC-5000/DF and controlate the difference, and at the same time is displayed together to the original readings.
FMC-5000/2xVQ Dual Loop control for 2 sensors of same type
• The 2 inputs are the same sensor type to having two redundant control-loops in an alone instrument.

Select the documents (*.pdf) by choosing the relation-key between the Type of Product and its literature:

Literature/Product Color Brochure Data Sheet Techn. Literature Application References Brief News Instruc. Sheet User Manual
Field 2 or 3 Combinable Chemical Variables Controller
Ref. FMC-5000/VQ-VQ/..
Field Differential Dual Chemical Variables Controller
Ref. FMC-5000/DF-VQ/..
Field Controller for Same Type Dual Chemical Sensors
Ref. FMC-5000/2xVQ/..
Field mounting Controller for pH w/ATC. Ref. FMC-4000/pH            
Field Controller for Redox
Ref. FMC-4000/ORP
Field Controller for Low Conductivity w/ATC
Ref. FMC-4000/EC
Field Controller for High Conductivity w/ATC
Ref. FMC-4000/ECT
Field Controller for Diss. Oxygen w/ATC. Ref. FMC-4000/O2            
Field Controller for Chlorine
Ref. FMC-4000/CL
Field Controller for Ozone
Ref. FMC-4000/OZ
Field Controller for Turbidity
Ref. FMC-4000/TB
Field Controller for Ion Selective
Ref. FMC-4000/ESI
Field mounting Controller for pH
Ref. FMC-2000/pH
Field Controller for Redox
Ref. FMC-2000/ORP
Field Controller for Conductivity without ATC
Ref. FMC-2000/EC
Field mounting Controller for Diss. Oxygen. Ref. FMC-2000/O2            
Field mounting Controller for Chlorine. Ref. FMC-2000/CL            
Field mounting Controller for Ozone. Ref. FMC-2000/OZ            

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