Serie BPS-3000
The range BPS-3000/... is a system developed for the Safety and Control of steam or water Boilers, consisting of several modules and its probes or corresponding transmitters, including a self-test and self-control for the safety in boilers without the need of human presence (acc./ DIN 0116).
This safety system consist of, the modules generate, from time to time, an error signal to check that the alarm is activated in case of failure.
The BPS-3000/... range is provided with RS-485 Modbus communication thus allowing the monitoring from PC of the Pressure, Temperature, Mud purge and Salt purge of several boilers.

• BPS-3500/LD  Safety of Low Level
With self-check of the sensor and self-test of the complete control with the BP-400/LD.
• BPS-3300/EC  Salt Purge
The control is done by direct reading of the Conductivity of the water of the boiler with the probe • BP-400/EC.
• BPS-3500/LR  Boiler Filling
Level detection by a sensor made of fixed rods in the boiler with probe BP-400/LR.
• BPS-3300/CL  Proportional filling
Boiler continuous feeding by measuring the Level using the differential pressure transmitter LD-301/CL.
• BPS-3300/PTC  PID Control of burner
Continuous control of the burner with Temperature from the internal Pressure reading of the pressure transmitter TPR-18.
• BPS-3300/DPT Mud purge
A distributed timed system of Mud Purge avoiding that several boilers connected in battery purge at the same time.
• Proasis DCS-Win/BPS  Specific Software for boiler control with BPS-3000 modules
• LD-301/CL  Level transmitter by Differential Pressure
• BP-400/LR  Three-rod level probe with fixed points
• BP-400/LD  Low-level probe with Self-control inlet
• TPR-18  Pressure transmitter of the Boiler pressure

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Literature/Product Color Brochure Data Sheet Techn. Literature Application References Brief News Instruc. Sheet User Manual
Safety of Boylers - Low Level Alarm
Ref. BPS-3500/LD
Safety of Boylers - Salt Purge
Ref. BPS-3300/EC
Safety of Boylers - Proportional Filling
Ref. BPS-3300/CL
Safety of Boylers - PID Control of Burner Ref. BPS-3300/PTC            
Safety of Boylers - Mud Purge
Ref. BPS-3300/DPT
Safety of Boylers - Water Filling
Ref. BPS-3500/LR
Supervisión and Control Software for Boylers
Low Level Probe for Safety of Boylers
Ref. BP-400/LD
Conductivity Probe for Purge of Boylers
Ref. BP-400/EC
Three rod Level Probe for Filling of Boylers
Ref. BP-400/LR

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