The RDT-4000/... Series are radio-transmitter devices to transmit measures or signals from remote places up to the central control, by means 868 MHz (915 MHz in USA) free band radio, from 25 mW, 100 mW or 500 mW power transmit allowing long ranges with high gain antennas.

These devices can be used to transmit up to two-signals per module, with 250 modules max. in peer-to-peer mode or multipoint mode.

The main applications are in wireless communication of temperature probes or any other, field transmitters, etc., with PC, PLC systems or controllers used in industrial processes.
Temperature Probes and Infrared Temperature Transmitters

Several versions are available to measuring and to transmit temperature signals:
Generic Version for 2 Pt100 or 1 T/C + CJC Probes
Generic Version for 1 or 2 0..4-20 mA Transmitters
Specific Version for Infrared Temperature

Other Radio-Transmitters

Specific Version for Electric Variables V, A, ac/dc, RMS, Ohm, etc.

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Radio-Transmitters Generics
Ref. RDT-4000
Radio-Transmitters for Infrared Temperature Ref. RDT-4000/IRT            
Radio-Transmitters for Volts-Amps-RMS Ref. RDT-4000/VE            

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