DESIN Intruments, the Company


DESIN Instruments   is  a company  engaged in  the design,  manufacture and marketing of Process Instrumentation applied to industry.
Since it was first founded, by   Felix Mateo in the 1950s, the company has been a distinguished  pioneer   in   using state-of-the-art  technologies in  its products,  due to ongoing continuous reinvestment  of company  resources in R+D. This  has allowed  the firm to attain  a privileged
position with  significant promise for the future.
By the late 1980s, DESIN Instruments further strengthened its sound foundation by expanding its business to reach international markets. Desin is currentlly an authorized supplier to major companies in the chemical and petrochemical industries, iron and steel industries,glass, cement and automotive industries, laboratories, rubber industry, food and beverage industry,  aeronautics, etc., throughout  the world.


Current Status

DESIN Instruments
is an ongoing convern located in Barcelona, Santa Úrsula 4-6, a six-story building with 1800sqm (19,500 sq ft), that houses a staff of 50 having an average age of 35 and at least 10 years of experience in modern instrumentation technologies.
In addition, Desin Instruments has more than 40 representatives located throughout   the world.

DESIN Instruments towards THE FUTURE

We are  presently  working in several research areas to to simplify instrumentation in the industrial processes.

Our goal is to introduce cutting-edge control technologies in all market segments by designing and producing instruments equipped with PID and Fuzzy-Logic algorithms, as well as state-of-the-art  advanced control with digital communication, technologies formerly restricted to high-end markets.
Consequently, we were the first to develop low-cost PAC- type (Programmable Analog Control), control instruments with Function Blocks including MODBUS communication systems as standard feature. We also expect to include other standards in the near feature, such as Ethernet or PROFIBUS DP, managed by a new SCADA running under OPC environment.

Main Products
  • Temperature probes and Transmitters.
  • Infrared Temperature measurement .
  • Pressure, Level and Density Transmitters.
  • Relative Humidity and Psychrometric Transmitters.
  • pH, ORP and O2 Transmitters.
  • Data Acquisition and Control systems.
  • Software for Supervision of Data and Measurements.
  • Signal Conditioners and Transmitters.
  • Process Indicators.
  • PID Controllers.
  • Power Controllers.
  • Signal Generators Calibrators .
  • Calibration furnaces.
  • Graphic Chart Recorders or Paperless Recorders.
  • FIELDBUS Systems.

  • Engineering and Projects.
  • Technical Assistance.
  • Maintenance Contracts.
  • Calibrations and Certifications.
  • Users staff Training.
  • Instrumentation seminaries and courses.